Though we’d like to help victims of counterfeiting, we cannot reimburse money used to purchase counterfeit products or to assist with the resolution of disputes, including assistance with PayPal refunds. However, by locating counterfeiters and taking legal action against them, we are doing our part to eliminate future incidents of counterfeiting from occurring. Our goal is to help our customers to be aware of counterfeit footwear that is being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine SUPRA products.


Fake eyelets

Puffed out seams.

Beer Holders

Looks more like a beer holder.

Fake Box

Smashed box.

Fake backs

Wrong design altogether.

Inferior leather, bad photography.

Inferior leather, bad photography.

Hand painted foxing

Hand-painted foxing.


  • A counterfeit product is one that is made of exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intent to deceive the consumer into believing it to be genuine.
  • Counterfeiting is illegal. It has a significant impact on the global economy, removing tens of thousands of jobs and costing the economy an estimated $600 Billion of legitimate revenue per year.
  • Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime. Consumers who believe they are purchasing genuine items are left with inferior items that cannot live up to their expectations. Counterfeiters hurt legitimate business owners as well as the overall economy because they do not pay taxes nor do they provide fair wages or benefits to their employees. They frequently use child labor, participate in identify theft, fail to deliver goods that were paid for and have been connected to gang activity and terrorism, among other crimes. When you purchase a counterfeit product, you are funding and supporting this criminal activity.
  • Counterfeiters are not accountable to human rights and environmental regulations. Counterfeiters don't adhere to child labor laws, anti-sweatshop laws, or restricted substances laws, putting both workers and the environment at risk. Fundamental human rights of workers employed by counterfeiters, such as basic safety and health precautions, are often compromised or entirely ignored creating a work environment that is safe for no one.


The good news is that it’s pretty easy to tell the authentic SUPRAs from the counterfeit fakes. But before we jump into that, here’s some easy ways to avoid getting hustled.


  • Starting with the boxes, the counterfeiters always use cheap cardboard and get the graphics wrong.
  • As well as being made from cheap plastic instead of leather, fakes are often offered in colorways that SUPRA never produced. If they look cheap, or puffier than they should, they are counterfeit.
  • Counterfeiters usually can’t afford to use real vulcanized soles, and then they actually paint the black stripes on the foxing by hand.
  • Pull out those soles. If you got some paper-thin cardboard insert instead of our cushy SUPRAFOAM, not only do your shoes look bad, your feet are going to hurt.


Below are some links to anti-counterfeit organizations and government agencies: